Technical Aspects

Through My Eyes will have a 42 minute running time to allow for a one hour weekly program including commercials. The program will be shot in HD. The entire season will run a total of 22 episodes.

Ideal Filming Location

Although many places could be used to film Through My Eyes, only one place comes to mind as provided an experience crew and unique scenery; Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington would be an idle location for shooting of Through My Eyes as it has been the home to dozens of movies and television shows Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill. Wilmington is sometimes called Hollywood East and its extensive studios and skilled crew will provide the technology and know how to shoot this series. The eager and willing involvement of The Wilmington Regonial Film Commission Inc. to all productions that wish to display the picture perfect area and work with their skilled professionals.

The moderate temperatures throughout the seasons would provide a pleasant work environment for outdoor shooting. The on the water landscapes would provide an excellent back drop to the stories as well as allow for a wide variety of stories influenced by the landscape.

Market / Audience Potential

With the plot of Through My Eyes revolving around a group of high school students and administrators the marketing potential has many options. With the plots originating from high school situations, initially audience members will be high school aged viewers. However the storylines involving an adult cast will also attract people in the older demographic of 18-24 and far beyond. The teenager/parent interaction can also appeal to parents as a way of remembering the struggles of adolescence. The greatest potential for Through My Eyes comes from the strong scripts and riveting plots that will capture the attention of anyone that remembers what it is like to want to fit in.

Estimated Production Schedule

Through My Eyes will operate under a six day work schedule with approximately 10 hour work days for all below-the-line members. Each episode will be shot in the six days. Talent will have shorter work days depending on their roles in the episodes. An actor who is responsible for the character centric episodes may be more demanding of the talent.

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Through My Eyes
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