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Through My Eyes is a weekly dramatic series about how each character is affected differently by their interaction with one another. Each episode documents how single events can impact individuals in an entirely different manner. 

Through My Eyes will touch upon how growing up means finding yourself and learning to balance the many "faces" we wear. The overall group of characters are all connected by their involvement with Madison High School. Whether they’re students, teachers or administration, the time they spend together between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. affects them long after the bell rings.

Madison is a fictitious town 50 miles outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. Its location allows for the serenity of suburban living with all the opportunities of the big city a short drive away. The 1,500 students who walk the halls of Madison High School must face the typical struggles of both learning academics and climbing the social ladder. Like every high school in America, the student body can be divided into the jocks and cheerleaders, loners, stoners and the misunderstood. Through My Eyes will bridge the social gap between the groups.

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Through My Eyes
The purpose of this website is to act as a digital proposal for the television series that I have developed in the hopes of obtaining a contract with a television network.
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